This is an exceptional opportunity to build a rewarding career.



: Make adjustments to Instruments using Measuring & Diagnostic Software to ensure precision settings are line with Standards.

: REQUIREMENTS : Degree in Engineering, Electronics, or a similar field, several years of hands-on job training, experience working
with computer diagnostics software, proficient in specific programming languages and software.

: Note: These positions rely heavily on team work – So the ability to be a team player is a must. Time management, verbal and
written communications, problem solving and analytical skills can also set you apart.

: SALARY – Based on experienced
: MEDICAL, End of year bonus +

(2) POWER SUPPLY SPECIALIST: Engineer, Technician, Contractor : To Repair all kinds of Power Supplies.

(3) EXP: ONLY – CALIBRATION & REPAIR Technicians – To repair and calibrate Measuring & Test Equipment:
Spectrum Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers, Synthesized, Signal & Sweep Generators. Oscilloscopes, Power Meters,
Power Sensors, Noise Sources, NOISE FIGURE ANALYZERS, Microwave Link Analyzers, etc.

: Military Background – A+
: Technical School or College is required – Plus several years of hands-on training
: Good troubleshooting skills to component level – Set you apart every-time.

Please call: (631) 277-6282 (or) send resume to: