A.H. Electronic Test Equipment Repair Center still Repair some of the OUT OF SUPPORT work horse of the industry such as:

AGILENT / HP Spectrum Analyzers – 8560E, 8561E,8563E,8564E,8565E,8566A/B,8567A/B,8568A/B,8590A,8590L,8591E,8591E,8592L,8593E,8594E,8595E,8596E

AGILENT / HP Signal Analyzers – 71100C,71100P,71200C,71200P,71209A,71209P,71210C,71910A,71910P, 89410A,89441A,89411A,89450A,89451A

AGILENT / HP Network Analyzer – 4395A,4396B,8757A/B/C/D/E,8711C,8712C,8713C,8714C,8752C,8753C/D/ES,EC,8719D,8720A/B/C,8722C/D/E,8510A/B/C

AGILENT / HP Generators – 83751A/B,83752A/B,83711B,83712B,83731B,83732A/B,83650A/B,83650L,83620A/B,83622A/B,83623A/B,83624B,83630B,83640B83650B,83623L,83630L,83640L,83650L,83554A,83555A,83556A,83556A,83557A,83558A


AGILENT / HP OSCILLOSCOPES – 54800,54810A,54815A,54820A,54825A,54845A,54833D,54834A/B/D,53831A/B/D,54830A/B/D,54846B,54621D,54622D,548641B,54642D

Just to name a few— We are staffed by highly trained Engineers & Technicians and offer our customers a wide array of support SERVICES for ( M & TE0 Measuring & Test Equipment.



A.H. Electronics provides repair services for a vast majority of (M&TE) measuring and test equipment. Our repair services are dedicated to keeping your instruments up and running. An extensive in-stock inventory of parts allows us to correct problems quickly and cost effectively. Our distribution network usually can deliver any other available required parts to us within 24 hours.

Charges for repair services are on a time-and-material basis. The current calibration and or repair service labor rate is $185.00 per hour.

Units submitted for repair, or found to require repair during calibration, will receive an initial evaluation to determine the extent of repair required. Unless prior approval has been given for repair services, the customer will be advised of the cost prior to the performance of any repair.

Units returned un-repaired are subject to the following evaluation charge:

(A) Basic Instrument $ 75.00
(B) Complex Instrument $ 100–$200.00
(C) Very Complex Instrument $ 200–$500.00

Note: If the calibration is performed the charge will be the calibration fee or evaluation charge, whichever is greater.

Certain instruments require repair services that are best performed at the manufacturer’s facilities. A.H. Electronics can arrange for these services on an expedited basis so that the customer has the advantage of dealing with a single source for all calibration and repair services.

On occasion, it may be possible to accurately assess the extent of a repair (for example: A totally inoperative item or one with multiple failures). In such cases, the customer is responsible for all such charges regardless of whether the unit is ultimately repaired.


  • Repair quotations are valid for 30(thirty) days unless otherwise stated.
  • All equipment that is submitted for calibration or repair must be accompanied with contact information (contact person & telephone number).
  • Our policy-All repaired items will be re-calibrated to make sure all functions work, prior to return.
  • Repair, unless stated otherwise, is warranty for 30 days from the date of return.
  • Units found to require adjustment to meet the specification(s) will require a second run (as left status) performance verification calibration which will be performed at the listed price. The initial data run & time required for alignment will be billed as repair at the standard calibration hourly rate.
  • Our policy-All repaired items will be re-calibrated to make sure all functions work, prior to return.